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Background Checks

Background checks can be conducted on any individual from prospects for employment to someone you have been dating and want to know more about before getting too involved. We have conducted background checks for fortune 500 companies looking for new CEOs to concerned parents seeking reassurance before hiring a nanny. No matter what your reason we will provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings, empowering you with critical details.

Investigations performed by a private investigator to find information about an individual's credibility and legitimacy. A common misconception about the process is that it is just a criminal records check: it can be much more. Background checks often involve reviewing criminal records, but can also involve examining credit, driving records, and more personal information.


Common reasons for conducting a Background check:

  • Employee checks: Not running employment background checks can make you liable if an employee with a criminal record uses your business to commit crimes.

    Caregiver checks: According to some statistics, up to 14% of child abuse is attributed to caregivers such as nannies and babysitters. A very high percentage of abuse of the elderly is caused by caregivers. Nanny checks and background checks can help you prevent tragedy.

    Criminal background check: Estimates suggest that 9-10% of the US population has a criminal record. Knowing whether someone you trust falls into this percentage can protect you from crime and fraud.

    Personal background checks: Dating service checks can help ensure that the person you're meeting is safe. Personal background checks can also bring you peace of mind about a neighbor or friends behavior.

    Tenant checks: If you will be subletting, renting, or otherwise allowing someone to stay on your property, a tenant check can let you know how reliable and honest your would-be renter really is.

    Online checks: There are many services that allow you to run a check using your computer. In fact, some companies even offer free background checks to online customers. If you need to check someone be it someone in your real life or someone you met online an online check can be a quick way to do so.

    Pre employment checks: According to some studies, between 10 and 30% of all job applicants lie about their education and qualifications. A background check can let you know who you are really hiring.

Employee Theft Still Costing Business

Do Background Checks - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Besides fraudulent workers' compensation claims, employees steal time by taking unauthorized leave or having others punch time cards. The best way employers can deter employee theft of all kinds is to do thorough pre-employment screening.