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Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud cases are exceedingly complex and complicated. Investigating such cases requires extensive industry knowledge, document review and analysis of the materials.  Mitchell Confidential understands whether his client was an innocent person used by others, or whether the client was even aware of the misrepresentations at all. Such cases can become extremely complicated, and requires an investigator who is highly familiar with the extraordinarily complex ways mortgage fraud can be committed.

Prior to working as a mortgage fraud investigator, Owner, James Mitchell of Mitchell Confidential, LLC  spent years in the mortgage industry. During his time in the mortgage business he worked as an underwriter, as well as compliance officer. His extensive mortgage background and knowledge of industry standards, as well terminology is critical in identifying mortgage fraud. Mr. Mitchell worked for one of the largest Private Investigation firms in the nation and managed the investigations department that handled up to 600 mortgage fraud cases per month.